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V.I.P. Treatment Incredibly hot milfs are lured behind the ropes at prominent night clubs for kinky adventures.

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MILF has become a commonly used term in the adult industry as an acronym for "Mother I'd Like to Fuck". Typically, it's used to describe women in their 30's or 40's that look good enough to, well, you know. Most fit a standardized profile that includes a generous helping of plastic surgery, fanatical diet, daily workouts and a zeal for kinky, unrelenting sex. Their tight, toned bodies are feature deep tans, taught thighs and C to D cup breasts (and bigger).

  • Finding Them Online By definition, a M.I.L.F. is a mother - which implies that she has children - but in practice, many are single. They are the product of long years of dedication to a career, high divorce rates and decreasing costs of plastic surgery...
  • In Your Neighborhood One of the most challenging tasks that awaits a burgeoning seeker is finding a hot milf in your own neighborhood. From the laundromat to the grocery store, we'll guide you on all of a busy MILF's critical stops. Like in real estate, it's all about location...
  • Strippers From time to time, you'll find a really hot milf sexpot working in a strip club. As these savvy veterans tend to be popular with regular followings, it's wise to act quickly if you're in the mood for the ride of your life...
  • Becoming a milf The term has gained mainstream attention and has energized the desperate housewives. Being a m.i.l.f. is a compliment to them. And rightly so. For women interested in presenting themselves as available, we suggest the following...
  • Dating You can count on a hot mature woman to turn heads in almost any situation. Having one slung on your arm is a statement of sexuality. A sexy older woman can be a particularly enticing dating opportunity, as long as you're willing to work around the kids...
  • MILF Sex The more oral you are on a milf, the better. Tell her how much you love sucking on her...
  • Parties You may be lucky enough to encounter a group of them that all hang out together. Whether it's Girls Night Out...
  • What the? Statistically high divorce rates, the widespread acceptance of plastic surgery (especially fake racks), better diets...
  • Poetry Erotic verse dedicated to milfs.

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  • Pole Dancing Workout Strippers around the world rejoice. Pole dancing is now being touted as the latest new workout that will help you strengthen your core, tone your tummy and, of course, improve your sex life.
  • Mom's On Spring Break For a fortunate few, veteran mom's will also be flashing skin at the local hotspots, either as a chapperone or as a sex crazed tigress looking for young studs. Even mommy gets a night out alone.
  • Sex for Pain Relief Great news for women in chronic pain and their no doubt sex starved significant others - Sex can help!
  • Book Ticket to Bosnia Amazingly, adult movie producers in the region are struggling to find male talent to work onscreen with these beauties.
  • Mature Porn Stars Rally Against Iraq The film, tentatively titled A MILF's Tail, follows the five women as they make their way through Congress attempting to persuade Representatives and Senators to rethink their position on the war.
  • Exercise for Better Sex The meaning of this is clear for students in pursuit of sexual interaction: Getting fit will not only get you more of the sex you want, but you will also enjoy it more. In other words, the gym gerbils are on the right track, while the mall rats are just wasting their time and money.
  • Jane Seymour Nude The small but scene-stealing part of Kathleen "Kittycat" Cleary, a society matron with an insatiable sexual appetite who tries to seduce her daughter’s suitor reveals her first nude scene in 20 years.
  • Hollywood's Hottest MILF Wild Things star Denise Richards has been dubbed Hollywood's hottest mom by American magazine "In Touch."
  • M.I.L.F. In Training Popularized by pre-baby Britney as she swished and swashed her leggy figure all over West LA on a shopping binge, the M.I.L.F. in Training logo is now blazooned across burgeoning bustlines across the country.
  • How to Get Laid on Adult Friend Finder With a few quick improvements, even an Average Joe can vastly improve his chances of getting laid - and getting laid often.

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