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Dating MILFs

A MILF can be a particularly enticing dating opportunity, as long as you're willing to work around the kids. We'd advise never actually meeting them, though you can let your assesment of the particular situation weigh in on your final decision. In either case, be ready for lots of sex. A MILF craves sexual attention.

If you're just casual dating, don't be surprised if you catch other men checking her out. In restaurants, stores, sporting events, etc, you're likely to see a lot of gawking fools who wish they were in your shoes at the moment. Play it cool and it will work to your advantage. Show her a little extra attention and you'll be richly rewarded.

French MILF Known for their prowess in bed, they have been cast by Emmanuelle as wanton, experienced lovers and they will do anything to live up to their reputation.

Jerry Hall Seeks Boy Toy Wanted: boy toy to act as eye candy for divorced model-actress. Must be somewhat intelligent and well-groomed. Bond-era Sean Connery lookalikes preferred.

Fortuitous Timing As she sits down for dinner, commenting on the shortness of her dress and how it's riding up, she is startled by a busboy literally between her knees enjoying the money shot. It seems he'd been fixing the wobbly leg of the table underneath. Fortuitous timing, at the least. Things stayed quite rigid after that.

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