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Finding MILFs in Your Neighborhood

One of the most challenging tasks that awaits a burgeoning MILF seeker is finding MILFs in your own neighborhood. We've all seen MILFs portrayed in movies as the lusty neighbor or kinky housewife, but where do they actually hang out? It turns out that you can spot MILFs all over town if you keep a sharp eye out. Look for provocatively dressed, well built women. They'll often be wearing expensive shoes. The grocery store can be packed with MILFs during a hot summer afternoon, as can the car wash.

One of the top sources of high line MILF activity can be the upper crust department stores, like Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, etc. Though most hardcore MILFs don't actually have the cash to shop seriously in a place like that, they love to wander around to try on outfits. A buddy of mine recently snagged a prime MILF at Macy's, took her down to the lingerie department and spent the better part of an hour fucking her in the changing room. I wonder if they have those two way mirrors over there...

MILF Housewives Teri Hatcher is reportedly raking in $100,000 + per episode of 'Desperate Housewives' the smash ABC hit about sexy moms on the make. You can be sure there are few real situations as drippingly decadent as Wisteria Lane, but careful observation in one's own community will often reveal that sex lies just beneath the surface.

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